Dark Widow (Part 2)

I got home and Got ready to hop in the shower when my phone started ringing. “ Hello” I answered thinking maybe it was Jaz calling to let me know she was on her way because I didn’t recognize the number and I remember she told me her phone was stolen. “Hello is this Zanita?” A strange voice on the other end said. “Yes this is she , may I ask who you are calling my phone?” “Hello this is Detective Williams and I am calling you on behalf of Jazmine’s brothers. Jazmine was beat pretty bad by her mom, she is in Froedtert Hospital in ICU and her family was too upset to call you so they asked me to call on their behalf. “Wait what? Is…

My name is Shaunte. I grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin and I have 4 children ( All Girls). I've always had a passion for writing and it has always been my dream

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